Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011

Update: Billy will have his eye surgery on Wednesday. The muscles and tendons in his right eye are falling into the sinus cavity. The wires will also be removed on Wednesday. This morning when he was yawning 3 of the wires popped off, then the last one followed this evening while he was talking. The ENT will be placing tension rubber bands to hold his mouth in position until the bars are removed on Wednesday.
The insurance company was being a pain, again, but it got straightened out...for now. We may be dealing with the same problem next week. who knows?!?! I have got to say that I love the workers here at The Shepherd Center. They are pulling for Billy to their fullest abilities. -jill

Ron Update
The Shepard center came over to grady &did an assessment on my brother tuesday. He is rated a number 2 which is just one step up from comatose. He has to be a 4 before Medicaid will cover any type of brain rehab. Please continue prayer for my brother and my family. Daddy has decided that he will not place him in a nursing home. He will bring him home and will take care of the nursing care himself . But, unfortunately bringing Boo Boo home is not much of an option now. According to the doctor, dad would have to go through extensive training with Grady nurses. We are now back to looking at nursing facilities. Small steps. Still believe in miracles.

This is from Ron's sister Beth

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For all of you that came to the benefit on Monday and watched it on stageit. Thank you also for those who continue to give their donations online.
We appreciate all of you so very much! We raised just over 5k 
We are beyond blessed to have such wonderful, caring people in our lives!!
Thank you to all the amazingly talented musicians who took part in the show. Some of which have never met  Ron or Billy, but took time out to come be apart of the benefit. 
Thank you! 

We will still be holding an auction and I will let you know as soon as that is ready!

love to you all.

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