Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25th

Update: We found out tonight that Billy is going to have to have another surgery. The ocular wall in his right eye is either broken or pushed back. Muscles and tendons are falling into his right sinus cavity. If you have seen him you may have noticed that his right eye looks either swollen or droopy. The surgery should also help with his double-vision and constant headache. we do not know when the surgery will be yet. I will let everyone know. The wires will stay on for at least 2 more weeks, but possibly up to 4 more weeks. Please keep the prayers coming. Much love, Jill

Ron had a rough day today. His blood pressure and heart rate was high all day. He is still very swollen and will have to have more drainage removed from his lungs. He is having a hard time breathing. They may have to put him back on the vent for breathing.
They are looking for good places to possibly move him. Like a nursing home but not... If you know of any places please share it with us. His family lives in Dacula, so the closer to their home the better. 

love to you all.

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