Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19th 2011

Yesterday Ron had his eyes open most of the day.There is not much response from him though. He did move one of his eyes at his mother's command. There is some optical nerve damage in his right eye that will heal. The doctors feel he is now stable enough for surgery on his leg. He is scheduled for a 2 hr operation today to skin graft his leg. This will be a painful surgery due to the area they will be removing the skin from to place on the open wound on his leg. However he is second on the list so it could be another day. 

After much unnecessary drama with the insurance company Billy FINALLY made it to the Shepherd Center yesterday. They lowered his treche collar at some point when we did not know so they are going to take it off hopefully Monday. 
His evaluations yesterday went as to be expected with the doctors it seems but worrisome to some of us. But we must keep in mind he did suffer severe head trauma. 
Levi and I were discussing food ideas for the benefit August 29th and I couldn't recall what Billy liked more,(he has the most random taste in food. He loves to eat fish eyes... YUCK)  so I messaged Jill and she said "I dont know but he said when he gets out the first meal he wants is white pancakes, sausage and eggs mixed with cereal." lol He is definitely on the road to recovery. He was singing in the shower this morning. Nothing but ooooos and hmmms and ahhhhs but it was singing none the less. 

Its so wonderful to know my brother is doing so well but it breaks my heart to know our long time brother is still in ICU. He is slowly improving with baby steps though. We must hold on the the positive to help us all get through. Ron is a rare friend and someone our whole family loves and adores. Please keep your prayers going up for him and his family as well as Billy. They both have such a long road ahead.

Please remember you can donate at anytime to either family by going to Levi's website

We are also holding a benefit for Billy and Ron at Tavern 99 on August 29th
Be looking for updates on what will be happening. The line up is already looking to make the night a huge success and a night to remember. There will be several items for auction as well... these items are pretty sweet too if I do say so myself so please come out if you can and support these two wonderful gentlemen.


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