Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16th 2011

Last night Billy slept very well so I spent a good deal of time talking to Ron in his room. I could tell he could hear me but only because his breathing would increase. I played the Beach Boys for him all night long. This morning I brought back the old school and played Barenaked Ladies.

This morning we found out that Billy will have to wait to go to the Shepherd Center because their insurance people are... well... I do not like them. None of us do.

But also this morning while Jill was helping Billy do some things I went to visit Ron again. Ron Sr and I were sitting there and Ron Jr OPENED HIS EYES!!!!! At first we thought it was just a response to the nurse aggravating him but Sr and I kept talking to him. Sr asked him to blink his eyes if he could hear us and understand, he did it. He continued to do it a few more times. While I was in there later in the morning I was talking to him and he would look at me on and off. I told him to open his eyes and look at the picture of his boy Sawyer I had in front of him and he did. So it is definitely official that he understands what we are saying. This is such a blessing!!! I knew it would happen but it was when and none of us have great patience. 

Its amazing what can happen when you have an army behind you. 

Please continue to spread the word and donate what you can. 
There are many sticky things that go along with this situation and these guys need to get the treatment 
they deserve but its going to cost money. Please visit the link below.



  1. That's amazing news! I'm so very glad to hear Ron making progress. I'm telling everyone I know about the benefit concert. Thank you for keeping this blog. It must be hard to write, but I check it several times a day for good news! I hope I can visit soon. Thanks again!

  2. PRAISE BE TO OUR GOD!!!!! I knew He would wake up(Ron)! I am so excited at this news!!! Thank you so much for this Blog, I too check it several times a day and tell everyone about the progress!!! Thanks again so much for posting! We all will continue to Pray!!! Blessings, Karlene Conley

  3. Praise God!!! So glad Ron is responding!!!!! I continue to pray for everyone. Thank u for updating the blog. I check it daily.

  4. Megan & I are so happy to hear the GREAT NEWS!! We print out the blog and post it next to the schedule at SeaJay's so the staff can keep up with how the boys are progressing. And though it's slow going sometimes, they ARE progressing!

    We look forward to more wonderful news. Thank you Steph for "keeping us in the loop".

    ~Hugs from Jekyll~