Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2nd

Day 3...

Ron's skull was reattached early this morning. He is doing great! Lifted his arm in response to something his dad said. They also added a feeding tube(they actually did this yesterday). I know they cut back on his respirator but I am unsure to what.

Billy made progress as well... at around 3am the Neurologist came to see him. He asked Billy to grab his hand and he did, asked him to reach for his stomach and he did and then he asked him to open his eyes and look at him. Boy did he look at that man... if he had not been in restrants he might have tried to take him. lol
After that he asked Billy to look at me (stephanie) and he did. I thought I might explode!!
He has been completely relying on the respirator for breathing but they lowered it today it to 40% and also added a feeding tube.

Great Great things are happening for these guys!! They have a long way but they are fighters and will not stop till they are better.

Please if you have the time and are able go to the link below and donate to these families.

Thank you all for everything!

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  1. We are praying for you guys! Get well soon!