Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7 2011 Update

Ron Update:
Needs two units of blood because hemoglobin is low. They put a tube in his stomach to see if he is bleeding but not bleeding though. His fever dropped to 101.8 but he has pneumonia being given antibiotics.
If you touch him need gloves but still are not allowed to talk to him. 
Looking more like his self...
Hopefully tomorrow they will do Ron's tracheotomy.

Billy Update:
If you enter into Billy's you must wear the Gucci paper yellow gown and purple gloves. Currently Billy has a bacteria infection in his blood. Lungs are looking better but not in the clear. Tomorrow they will be doing his tracheotomy and tentative they will reconnect his upper teeth plate to his face with two metal plates and putting his cheek bones back together with tiny screws. 

We do not know what time either of them will go back. But please continue to keep both Ron and Billy in your prayers. 

Please spread the word and if you can donate to these gentlemen's families it would be greatly appreciated.

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