Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th

I am so sorry that I have not updated in a few days. Progression is slower than it was from day to day in the beginning.

Ron is awake, moving his eyes and tries to move his mouth but still has the tubes and things in his throat so it makes it difficult. His arms are swollen about the size of his legs. The doctor has not said much about this but the nurses say its normal. He finally had surgery the day before yesterday. They had to take skin from his upper thigh to cover the large gnash he had in his calfs. They could not operate and fix his legs until he was in a better place from his severe head trauma. 
They will be moving him but not to the Shepherd Center yet but to a nursing home. He is still unable to move but is progressing. There is not much more they can do for him at Grady that a nursing home cannot do. Hopefully the swelling can go down and his legs will heal quickly so he can start attempting to move around more. 
His son turned 1 today. His birthday party will be this weekend. Mandi is going to record the whole thing so that Ron can see it. I wish he could be more apart of it. I know he does too. 

Billy is adjusting to the Shepherd Center. Jill was told today they are looking at maybe two more weeks at this facility and then he will go to the out patient facility in Decatur. He is progressing well.
He has daily physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and cognitive group. 
He still has his humor though and his big heart. Unfortunately he has severe headaches daily and they get worse in the evenings. Nothing seems to help with the pain. He is seeing double of everything and this could be contributing greatly to the headaches but they are unsure. He gets to wear these super spiffy glasses to help improve his vision. 
Last night Levi brought him a guitar but he refused to play in front of anyone. Today while Jill was visiting he played it wonderfully. 
A sad but funny story... Billy was with his therapist and she asked him to tell her as many animals as he could think of... He sat there and said "cockatoo" thought a moment longer and said " I know its not a damn Annabelle"... for those of you who know us well, Levi and I have a dog and her name is Annabelle. Frequently we call her, damn Annabelle. lol He is trying!!!

Both of these guys still need our love and support! They need our encouragement and if you can a moment they could use a visit. Visiting helps with positive progression. Go See Them!!!!!
Billy can have visitors between 4-9pm everyday 
Ron can have visitors any time except in shift changes which if I remember are at 7-8am and 7-8pm

Next Monday August 29th the cost is $20.00

If you cannot attend in person see it online at  The price is any amount you can give to donate to these guys.

Thank you all for everything!! Your love, prayers, support and encouragement.


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