Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3rd 2011

Today... Today... Today...

Ron will be heavily sedated for a couple of weeks due to his brain surgery so that he can heal up. He has a slight fever but that is normal for the body to react that way. Mostly his is the waiting game. I hate that I don't have more to say about Ron but it really is best for him to heal his body. 

Billy's CT  showed an abnormal connection in his carotid artery. Recheck in a couple days to see if a catheter is needed. Bacterial infection in his blood, which is normal in ICU. Lungs are relatively stable, but he is still not breathing on his own. Bronchoscopy again. No more sedatives. Morphine for the pain.

Tonight Zachary (my younger brother) and Jill got Billy to communicate with his 
right hand. He will tap the bed for "yes"and shake his hand back and forth for "no". He also played a triplet and a paradiddle which is not easy. 
While Levi and I were in the room with Billy I changed the ipod to something other than shakira... I told him "i know she's hot and all but her music is awful!" lol  So I put my phone on to Florence and the Machine. He started drumming on our hands to the beat of the song. And then, he played air djembe. It was great. Then he proceeded to try and roll out of the bed and pull his tubes out of his mouth. Also while Levi and I were in the room we were holding his hands, on Levi's side Billy was rubbing two fingers together and had our attention... then we looked over and he had flicked of the pulse monitor off his finger on the hand I was holding. Such trickery.  He continues to crack us up. 

He is doing much better but it is still hard to see him strapped down and in pain. 

Please continue to pray for both of these wonderful guys!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to all that have donated. Please continue to spread the word. There is a long road ahead of both of these guys!!

Click on this link below to donate to both Ron Bailey and Billy Wilkerson


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