Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4th 2011 continued

Just a quick update on Ron... The skull was never replaced, but the skin flap was. This is a good thing because it can allow for expansion in case the brain needs it. His fever is up and down- when it is up it's around 102. They are going to put a cooling blanket under him to cool him down. Aside from having a fractured right arm, he has a fractured jaw- but the doctor does not think that he will need to go in and repair it (I think). Around 6 p.m.every night, Ron becomes agitated and his blood pressure shoots up.
The doctors are stressing that Ron not be stimulated as it causes him to become agitated and this interrupts the healing process. So, if you are able to visit Ron, please remain mindful of this- it can be very frustrating for him to not be able to talk back when people talk to him, and he can't really respond to physical commands just yet- the doctors objective is for his body to heal and to reduce the agitation and stimulation he recieves.

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  1. Praying for you guys!! Thank you for updating us through this blog.