Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1st 2011

Day Two...

First bronchoscopy was done. Billy did asperate blood, stomach fluid,etc. His left lung looked clear, his right lung looked "gunky". The Dr. tried to irrigate as best he could. Regular chest x-rays to watch for infection.  Once the Xray was done it showed that his right lung was collasped and they had to drain the lung that was full of liquid.

Drs finally came in. as far as facial surgery, that is lower priority and can't be looked at til the swelling goes down. His CT looked the same as the first one.which is a good thing-it hadn't gotten worse. His lung x-ray showed a partially collapsed lower lobe of his right lung. That is only b/c of the fluids he asperated. 

Billy's 2nd bronchoscopy went well. They got the rest of the junk out of his right lung. It should slowly start to function fully. The swelling in his face has started to go down. He is so strong!

As for Ron, we are still unsure the extent of his injuries. It was difficult but they removed contacts from his eyes. They said he had fractors in both cheeks but nothing is displaced and will probably heal withour surgery. He was sediated heavier today. Not much of a response with hand squeezes and such.

We have created accounts for people to donate to both families.
Neither of these guys have insurance and will be out of work for a good while.
Please click on the link below, donate and pass it along.


I know I am speaking for both families when I say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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