Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12th 2011

Ron is still running fevers. They have opted to delay weaning his sedation until they can get the fever under control. Its source is bacterial. He does have pneumonia but his parents are unsure if there is another source as well. They are supposed to check with the doctors today. He did have a lot of the gunk cleaned out of his lungs yesterday as well.

Billy's angio CT came back clear. The carotid artery is okay. They have been slowly lowering his breathing machine to get him on his own. He got down to 1 yesterday and had to put it back up last night last night which the doctor did say yesterday was normal and may happen. 

We appreciate all your prayers my brother is continuing to make great progress. Please pray for our other "brother" Ron.
Thank you all for your support!!!! 

Please remember you can donate at any time to both of these families!

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