Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14th 2011

Ron Sr. spoke to the doctor today. There has been no neurological changes in my Ron jr. Once he is stable and breathing on his own, the next step will be to transfer him out. If he's awake, he will go to rehab. If he hasn't fully woke up, then he will go into a nursing home. It is still too soon to determine the quality of life he will have. He also still has fever. 

Billy seems to be a little down today. They did get him up in a chair and out of bed. 

Keep the prayers going up for both of them and their families, please.

If you can please go to the link below and donate to these families

Also there will be a benefit held for Ron Bailey and Billy Wilkerson 
Monday August 29th 2011 at Tavern 99 here in Atlanta. 

Take care,

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